Following the unsuccessful OSRD vote at STM 2021, a few of us realized we needed to better understand the details of zoning proposals. We wanted to make informed decisions at Town Meeting and to provide constructive feedback to authors of zoning articles. However, zoning law is complicated, and we knew it would be difficult to even roughly predict outcomes of a law without better know-how.

To that end, last November we started an informal study group to learn about residential zoning. We call ourselves the Lexington Cluster Housing Study Group. We want a Lexington future with diverse housing options supporting a diverse population, and we see that zoning law is the main tool at the Town’s disposal to improve the balance of housing types.

We are currently focused on the OSRD article that is coming back to ATM 2022. We plan to suggest a number of changes in both content and language. We are also creating a hypothetical OSRD on a previously developed Lexington site to better understand what such a development would look like.

Founding Members:

Barbara Katzenberg, Town Meeting Member, Precinct 2

Tom Shiple, Town Meeting Member, Precinct 9

Russ Tanner, Lexington resident and affordable housing developer