Multi-Family Zoning for MBTA Communities - Jumping off point for the state's MBTA-C resources

Lexington's MBTA-C resources - Jumping off point for Lexington's presentations, work-in-progress, and public hearings

CommonWealth Magazine explainers for the MBTA-Communities law (January 2023)

What the MBTA Communities law means for your town

Solving the MBTA Communities zoning puzzle

Seeking predictable permitting for new housing

Where should new multi-family housing go?

Overcoming the restrictions on multi-family housing

Other Lexington Housing Activity

2022 LexingtonNext - Housing Goal - What residents see as priorities for housing

LexHAB (Lexington Housing Assitance Board) - Organization that manages and expands inventory of affordable housng

Lexington Housing Authority (LHA) - Organization that provides housing assistance for low income residents

Open Space Residential Development - Compilation of explainer posts, FAQ, and resources for new OSRD zoning

SPRD Ad-hoc Committee - Town committee charged with revising the Special Permit Residential District portion of the zoning bylaw.

Glossary - List of helpful terms, developed by the SPRD Ad-hoc Committee.


National Family Housing Council-By Right Development

Massachusetts Citizen Planner Training Council-Site Plan Review